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We are Leopard Aquatic specializing in exporting live Tropical Fish from Indonesia. We supply all kind of freshwater tropical fish, especially Indonesia Wild Caught Fish more than 1.800 species with a good quality and good health.

We had worldwide tropical fish export more than 20 years experience. We only supply high quality of wild caught fish with special offers and prices.

We received the award of appreciation from Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Middle East and OIC committee for enhancing of trade relations among the OIC member countries. And we also joined as OFI member and awarded the Good Quarantine Practices Certificate from Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.

Jl. Pabrik Aci No. 5A
Cimahi 40525 Indonesia

Phone: (+62-22) 6628900
Fax: (+62-22) 6647900
Mobile / WhatsApp: 
+6287 5422 369